New Zealand Health Group is building a better New Zealand through health and wellness

New Zealand Health Group (NZHG) is the country’s largest national provider of home and community support services, disability support, rehabilitation, 心理im体育APP和行为支持, health staffing, workplace support, and training.



The Māori Health Leadership Scholarship programme is one of our initiatives in building equity in health and wellness in Aotearoa New Zealand. We hope it will enable more Māori to be in decision making leadership roles within the health sector. 

We invite you to apply and we hope this scholarship will assist you to achieve your goals

About New Zealand Health Group

New Zealand Health Group is the country’s largest national provider of home and community support services, disability support, rehabilitation, 心理im体育APP和行为支持, health staffing, workplace support, and training.

im体育APP是您的当地人,拥有超过10名充满激情的团队,000 Carers and Support Workers, Nurses, and other Health Professionals – all working together to provide nearly 200 services in almost every corner of Aotearoa to over 30,000 New Zealanders.

Our goal – to propel our industry into a new era of world-class quality care and make our wide range of innovative services accessible to all New Zealanders, 量身定制,以支持个人需求和自我指导的护理.

im体育APP在这里与你合作,为你服务. 让im体育APP一起支持im体育APP的社区.

Our Capability

  • Homecare support
  • Aged care services
  • 社区护理和支持服务
  • Household management
  • 专家房屋修改评估
  • Disability support
  • Medication management
  • Specialist wound management

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Geneva Healthcare

HealthCare NZ


  • Nursing assessment
  • Wound assessment and management
  • Medication management
  • Vaccinations
  • Palliative care
  • Post-operative recovery support
  • 早期支持出院和入院
  • im体育APP教育和预防管理
  • Long term condition support

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Geneva Healthcare

HealthCare NZ

Duty Calls

Residential and Community Based

  • Residential services
  •  Habilitation services
  • Respite services
  • Day support programmes
  • Employment support services
  • Behaviour support programmes
  • Very High Needs support services
  • Transition services
  • School to work/community
  •  Individualised funding support

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Geneva Healthcare

NZCommunity Living

    Residential and Community Based

    • 提供完整的多学科团队
      children and adults
    • 评估、支持和康复
    • 个性化和量身定制的课程
    • 专业轮椅机动,定位
      Assessments and solutions
    • 专家改装评估
    • Concussion services

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    Geneva Healthcare

    HealthCare NZ

    Seating To Go


    • 量身定做的评估和支持方案
    •  待在那里,然后回去工作
    • im体育APP评估、监测和支持

    home for longer.

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    Private Care NZ

    Medical alarms

    • 运动监测(预防跌倒)
    • Remote health monitoring
    • 临床升级支持和管理

    peace of mind. For example, a Freedom Medical
    emergency ambulance service.

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    Freedom Medical Alarms

      • Community re-integration
      • Supported accommodation services
      • 为失业人士提供的再培训服务
      • 紧急临时服务和家庭支援
        for tamariki and rangatahi


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      NZCommunity Living

        Specialist Mental Health Services

        • 心理评估和支持服务
        • 对有心理支持的人
          experienced sexual assault
        •  Neuropsychological assessment
        •  Counselling
        • Trauma informed care
        • Professional supervision

        Community Mental Health Support

        • Recovery support in the community
        •  Crisis respite and recovery
        • Planned respite

        Positive Behaviour Support

        •  为人们及其家庭提供专家支持,
          with autism and disability
        • Training for service providers
        • 创伤知情的护理培训和支持

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          Sector wide training

          • Aged care
          • Disability
          • Home and community health
          • Rehabilitation sector

          Level 2 & 3


          • 注册医护人员及
          • Non Registered Health
          • Professionals working

          complex needs

          • Both NZQA and non NZQA

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            • Workplace wellbeing assessment
            • Wellbeing strategy development
            • 领导力发展及培训
            • Workplace wellbeing monitoring

            retention and productivity. We help our clients put
            undeniable business results.

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            Umbrella Wellbeing

            Employee Wellbeing Services

            •  职前筛选(药物/听力测试)
            • 员工im体育APP评估及
            • Employee assistance programmes
            • Vaccinations (flu and Covid)
            • Work well assessments
            • 开展im体育APP培训和教育

            Return To Work Support Services

            • Work place assessments
            • 继续和重返工作计划
            •  Functional job descriptions
            •  职业评估和职业指导

            Employer Support

            • im体育APP战略和商业咨询
            • Research and development

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            Geneva Healthcare

            of healthcare professionals

            • Caregivers
            •  Healthcare assistants
            •  Community support workers
            •  Mental health support workers
            • Psychiatric assistants
            • Enrolled nurses
            • Registered nurses
            •  Allied health professionals

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            Geneva Staffing

            Duty Calls

            这是一个极好的机会 better community support together.

            Our Brands

            Solora logo, NZHG旗下品牌之一
            Freedom medical alarms logo
            My Homecare商标,NZHG旗下品牌之一
            MySkill Logo, NZHG旗下品牌

            康复和社区卫生服务,包括护理. HealthCare New Zealand has around 5,500 skilled and trained Support Workers across the country. It is important to us that you receive the right support that meets your unique needs, and we are dedicated to helping you get on with living your life in your own home. Our rehabilitation and nursing teams are uniquely skilled in highly complex, serious injury support services, 而im体育APP的社区im体育APP团队可以提供家庭护理, personal care and other support that lets you stay close to your family and friends, favourite activities, routines and community. We are united by our commitment to supporting you to live as independently as possible, 你面临的挑战是否只是暂时的, or long-term.

            im体育APP是新西兰在老年护理、疾病、伤害方面值得信赖的专家 & disability support.  Since 1996, we’ve been supporting New Zealanders to live their best life and thrive by keeping well, 独立生活,与社区保持联系.  We are also the industry’s specialists in Temporary Staffing and Permanent Recruitment services that support healthcare facilities nationwide and overseas with reliable and quality total staffing solutions.

            没有人应该离开他们所爱的家, their belongings and a lifetime of memories just because they need extra care. Private Care NZ has been created by two leading industry providers to support anyone with health and wellness needs, 在自己的房子里住得更久. 所以如果你或你爱的人需要额外的帮助, welcome to trusted services that are as unique to you as your fingerprint and make you feel right at home.

            Solora provides high-quality home and community support services to help you live safely and comfortably at home after an injury from an accident. We also provide support through our network of experienced sensitive claims therapists for anyone who’s experienced sexual violence. We are proud to be contracted by ACC to provide Home and Community Support Services and Sensitive Claims treatment, through a national provider network of registered homecare providers and sensitive claims therapists.

            与日内瓦医疗保健最新的创新, 你坐在驾驶座上——你可以选择查看, use or share it. 它易于使用,对所有日内瓦客户免费. And with Geneva’s experience and expertise, you get real care, real choice and real peace of mind. My Homecare is an online tool that allows you and your family to have greater choice and control of your home support services online. 您可以很容易地搜索可用的服务, 安排和跟踪您的首选护理时间, book extra help, choose your own Geneva Certified Support Workers to best match your needs, 和你爱的人分享你的护理计划. 

            With over 20 years’ experience in delivering online and face-to-face training, MySkill is a NZQA registered private training establishment making high quality, 在全国范围内提供相关和文化上适当的学习. MySkill是唯一一家由, and dedicated to, the aged care, disability, 家庭和社区卫生部门. As such, they understand the challenges and opportunities of working in the sector, along with the skills people need to quickly adapt and respond to in a changing environment, 同时保持高质量的服务交付.  

            Freedom Medical Alarms is a jointly owned business between HealthcareNZ Limited and Wellington Free Ambulance.
            Freedom Medical Alarms is a Work and Income NZ accredited supplier of medical alarms and is governed by the Ministry of Social Development’s service level agreement in relation to the supply of medical alarms in New Zealand.

            Umbrella is at the forefront of providing corporate wellbeing services in New Zealand.
            As clinical psychologists, we use cutting-edge scientific research to enhance people’s wellbeing and create positive, productive, high performing workplaces.

            New Zealand Health Group's Story

            We are so much stronger together.
            Facing tough times together.
            At 5:00am together.
            Achieving firsts together.
            Having a cuppa together.
            Awhi te tangata together.
            Overcoming every little challenge and conquering every big mountain, together. 工作,学习,跌倒,重新站起来,一起.
            Bringing our skills and determination to transform people’s lives, together. Creating a more caring society, step-by-step, community-by-community, together.

            Celebrating together.

            Executive Team

            Josephine Gagan

            Managing Director

            Mike Peters


            Ranei Wineera-Parai

            Group Executive Cultural Advisor

            Peter Radich

            Chief Digital Officer

            Warrick Jackson

            Chief Commercial Officer

            Board Of Directors

            Rt Hon Wyatt Creech


            Hon Roger Sowry

            Director / Deputy Chair

            Doug Catley


            Penny Catley


            Marcus Darville


            Dr Chris Masters

            Dr Chris Masters


            Contact Us


            New Zealand Health Group

            PO Box 106 339, Auckland 1143
            New Zealand

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